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- 50+ hidden text formats supported - 100+ data types supported - 100+ tools supported - 100+ conversion tools - 3 versions of tool to choose from, - 3 categories of tools (Basic, Advanced, Advanced + Resources) - Fonts file supports (TrueType and OpenType) - Colorful and original style - Easily customizable - Advanced features like password protected images, - Added check for this tool to be trusted or not (Do not trust any tool which is not trusted by the site). - Freely adjust colors and resolution. - Supports all linux/windows operating systems and all major browsers. - Generates images according to selected format/size - Ideal tool for personal use or on corporate websites, can be used by anyone. - Works with any Images viewer like evince, gwenview, okular, gimp, xmag, etc. - Works with any Image Editor like gimp, mogrify, fspot, etc - No other tool performs like this tool. - Remove Hidden Data from Images - Works with all image formats like jpeg, jpg, gif, etc. - No encryption hassles - 30 day money back guarantee - Multi language Supported : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Thai - 100% free from advertisers. Copyright information : - No selling or redistribution of tools is permitted without express permission from this project. - You may not sub-license or distribute modified versions of this software. This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Platforms: Windows, Linux KMplayer is a small media player which plays MOV, MPEG, AVI, Divx, WMV, DIVX, MPEG-PS, MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, PCSX2 video files. It is compatible with all major media players. KMplayer is based on KDE technologies. It supports subtitle and image overlay. With this help you can play video with full text or audio. It supports Multimedia features like image/video comparison, image zooming etc. Key Features of KMplayer: * Playing and Viewing videos at full screen size * Playing and viewing video in multiple window mode (Split screen) * Play and watch video at full frame with auto advance feature * Playing and watching video at full screen with audio mute feature * Playing and watching video a5204a7ec7

spimage is a fully featured application which can create spimages and can hide data in them. It has a very easy to use interface and very simple to use. The user can select the file type to be used and the image will be created using the selected file type. Moreover it has a very strong security system that will protect the data against any interception. If the SPIKEY is lost the application deletes the data in the image. The image can be used in many ways: 1. To show the hidden files to the person who has signed the SPIKEY 2. To publish the hidden data over the internet and allow the recipient to download it to his/her computer and open it 3. To store the secret data and transfer it to others The features of the application include: 1. Support all popular data formats 2. Can generate SPIMAGE in the selected file type 3. Can create spimage for any size image 4. Can hide any type of data 5. Can display the hidden data in the spimage 6. Can print the spimage 7. Can be scaled easily for different formats 8. Can upload the spimage to the internet from where it can be downloaded by the recipient 9. Can encrypt the data 10. Can use different password for hiding data 11. Can save the data safely 12. Can be used offline (multiple files stored) 13. Can be used in case someone messes with your device (multiple files stored) 14. Can scan any type of file from the computer on which it is run 15. Can be run as a portable application and can run independent of internet 16. Can select and use multiple SPIKEYs (modification of data) 17. Can be used for public or individual distribution (can use different SPIKEYs) 18. Can be used for hiding data in files or folders 19. Can add layers to the spimage to prove authenticity 20. Can be used as image data ID (so images are unique) 21. Can resize an image to a desired size 22. Can be run in portable mode 23. Can create single image or set of multiple spimages 24. Can create spimages of any type of files 25. Can use multiple SPIKEYs simultaneously 26. Can create one image with different SPIKEYs simultaneously 27. Can create spimage for different files at a time 28. Can do so much more What

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