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Neuromotor EX4R

Try elements of  yoga, pilates, tai chi, and dance to EX4R.  Some of the benefits include improved balance, co-ordination, pain management and a decreased risk of experiencing a fall.

Pilates exercises can also be added to your exercise program as it useful for improving stability of the core, hips, knees and shoulder girdle

Tai Chi has been practised as a form of exercise for centuries.  We also use elements of Tai Chi for movement rehabilitation and believe that it is an effective tool in managing pain.

Yoga exercises can be added to your exercise program to increase your flexibility to carry out functional tasks. Standing postures and balance poses can lessen your risk of a fall.

Add co-ordination and fluidity to movement with dance. It is also a fun way of adding a cognitive challenge to exercise so as to stimulate blood flow to the brain and brain cell growth.

For neuromotor exercises member on plans can tap the arrow here for links

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